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Since this company was created with you and your future in mind, we devoted significant research to determine the frequency of repairs, and the average timetable for each mechanical or electrical failure, for the average vehicle on the road today.  The overwhelming data collected clearly revealed that the majority of breakdowns occur after the Orignal Factory Warranty has expired!  (***food for thought***): In fact, we found that your vehicle is 12 times more likely to have a mechanical or electrical failure after your original factory warranty expires…then before it does!) This immediately led us to realize just how paramount it is to offer you coverage well beyond the factory warranty…since that would provide you long-term Peace of Mind knowing that you will not have to fret when the unexpected happens to your vehicle. Thanks to our realizations…we have partnered with a nationally recognized Peace Of Mind Provider that allows our Savings Experts to offer “like new factory coverage” to you today…because most of the vehicles on the road today will qualify for one of our comprehensive coverage plans. We are thrilled to know that you can rest assured, regardless of which corner of this beautiful country your future mechanical or electrical failure occurs in, that we offer plans which allows and provides:
  • Any of the 300,000 ASE certified mechanics across this nation can do your repair work.
  • Rental Car coverage is included for a covered repair at no cost to you.
  • Roadside Services are included at no charge to you.
  • All plans are transferable to future owners of your vehicle.
  • All plans are refundable based on the pro ration of the remaining miles or time.

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Gap Protection can save you thousands in the event of a total loss, while protecting your credit.

GAP Ins. (Guaranteed Asset Protection) covers what is still owed on your vehicle loan if you experience a total loss before your vehicle is paid off.  If your vehicle is deemed a total loss (due to a car accident, theft or natural disaster), your car insurance pays the vehicle’s current market value. Since your car’s value continues to depreciate over time, you most likely owe more on the loan than what your insurer will pay out.  Therefore, you would still be liable to pay the difference, which is often thousands of dollars.

When you choose Gap Insurance, you can rest assured knowing that it includes:

  • Reimbursement for insurance deductibles up to $1,000
  • Claims Adjusters available daily
  • Covered losses up to $50,000
  • Coverage can be cancelled at any time

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Keep your car looking it’s best with the Ultimate Car Care Protection, which was designed to protect your car against dents, dings, windshield cracks and even your tires and wheels.

This protection plan is an all-inclusive coverage that helps you preserve the value of your car, with a $0 deductible

The Ultimate Car Care Protection includes:

  • Tire & Wheel Protection. With all the potholes, curbs and road debris in America, drive without fear. In the event of glass, nails, or other road hazards, you will be reimbursed for the costs to fix or replace your damaged tires/wheels.
  • Dent and Ding. Keep your car’s exterior in top shape with paintless dent and ding coverage.
  • Windshield Protection. Free repairs for your windshield’s chips and cracks caused by rocks and other debris.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance. Know that you’re covered while on the road with emergency towing, lockout service, and battery assistance.

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One of the most important aspects of your vehicle ownership is making sure that it is properly maintained.  It is also very important to keep records of your maintenance visits in case you ever have a manufacturer’s or extended warranty claim.  And, there are certainly reasons why you should do both:

  1. Failure to properly maintain your vehicle to the explicit standards set forth by your your manufacturer, can actually void your factory or extended warranty.
  2. Since regular maintenance is not typically viewed as a safety concern, it is very important to understand that your safety on the road increases…IF…your tires are inflated correctly, brakes are checked regularly, and all of your vehicle’s systems are functioning properly.
  3. Considerations such as improved fuel economy, enhanced performance and maximizing your vehicle’s lifespan should be just a few of the motivators to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines by properly maintaining your vehicle at the recommended time intervals.


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  • Oil changes – 3 per year (5 year plan = 15 oil changes) – Benefit amount – $32/$45
  • Brake pads/shoes front & rear (1x during contract) – Benefit amount – $135
  • Tire rotations (5 total)- $30 per – Annual alignment check (5 total) – $20 per
  • Engine diagnostic (1 per year – 5 total) – $40 per
  • Front wiper blades (1x during contract) – Benefit amount – $20
  • Battery replacement (1x during contract) – $100
  • No receipts to mail in — Paid at time of service.

BONUS – In the event you have an insurance claim, for any reason, simply turn in your claim information to the maintenance company and you will be immediately reimbursed!

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